Travel Insurance


The Importance of Travel Insurance

The pandemic has taught us all so many lessons. Collectively, we have felt the dreadful impacts of an unexpected medical crisis, illness, death, or even job lossone or all can happen at any time. Therefore, Vacation Envy International (VEI) wants to reiterate a few critical reasons why purchasing travel insurance is so critical.

Protecting YOUR financial investment

If for some reason you are unable to attend your highly anticipated trip, travel insurance can offer a means to recoup invested monies. Your reason for canceling could be 100 percent legitimate, but if the travel company has a no refund policy, though they will be sympathetic, it is unlikely the money can be returned. This is the power of a travel insurance policy. Subject to the policy purchased and its accompanying terms and conditions, filing a claim provides an avenue to recover your hard-earned money.

The United States State Department Encourages Travel Insurance

The United States State Departments advises American travelers to carry insurance. Many look to the US embassy for assistance and are often surprised to learn that the State Department’s assistance is not the panacea expected. Sure, US Embassies can assist with passport replacement, but typically they do not pay for non-catastrophic medical care, provide emergency transportation, etc. (

Unexpected mishaps (delayed and/or cancelled flight)

Who enjoys a delayed flight requiring an overnight stay without your baggage? In this scenario travel insurance to the rescue. Depending on the carrier and the purchased policy benefits, only one call may be needed to the carrier. Subsequently, they can coordinate accommodation options, assist with any rebooking efforts, and even possibly assist in purchasing necessities needed for the overnight stay.

Overseas medical emergencies

Think about the following: You are camel riding in Egypt and somehow fall off the camel and break your leg. What then, who do you call, what is your next move? Depending on the policy purchased and the carrier, you may only need to make one call to your carrier. In turn, the carrier may coordinate care and establish direct payments with the medical provider. Easy peasy as opposed to feeling helpless in a foreign country and stressed over having enough money to cover needed medical expenses.

Travel Insurance is a Powerful Asset

With so many carriers like Allianz, AIG (Travel Guard), Travelsafe, TravelEx, etc. offering travel insurance, getting a quote, the entire purchasing process is very streamlined and easy. Travel insurance is a powerful asset, but without it, an
unexpected mishap can leave an unprotected traveler vulnerable and feeling overwhelmed. No one wants those hassles.
  • "It’s better to have travel insurance and not need it, than need it and not have it.”

    Gretna Davis, Vacation Envy International