What services does Vacation Envy International (VEI) provide?

Currently, VEI arranges group trips to several international countries. With our packages, we usually include flights, hotel(s), tours, ground transportation, English speaking tour guides, and interest free payment plans. We put together fabulous packages for exciting locations and through advertising and word of mouth, a group of at least 20 travelers is formed. After the group is formed, VEI will provide you with lot of information to help you prepare for your trip.

At this time, VEI does not provide private vacation planning or group trips upon request.

What are your payment plans?

Usually the deposit is $200 per person to lock in the advertised rate. You are also required to make a minimum payment of $100 per month. You can choose any day that works best for you.

How do I make the monthly payments?

After completing the reservation process, you will receive two emails within 24-48 hours. One email will be an invoice from Freshbooks, Inc. With that invoice, you can see the price of the package, the deposit paid, any valid discounts and your remaining balance. After opening the invoice, you will see a green tab marked PAY ONLINE. To pay using a credit or debit card, click on the green tab. Online payments must be at least $100 each. Any payments less than $100 will be refunded – unless it is the very last payment.

You will receive a second email with vital information regarding passports, how to mail in payments (checks/money orders), what happens if your roommate cancels and other details. If you don’t see either email within 72 hours of making your reservation, please check your JUNK/SPAM folder. If it’s not there, please contact us at [email protected] 

Do you offer roommate matching?

Unfortunately, no we do not offer roommate matching. Roommate matching is a sticky situation. What if you are matched with a stranger and that stranger stops paying on their trip? You are then left to pay the single occupancy rate or cancel your own trip. Or, what if you are matched with a stranger that “borrows” your things or hogs the bathroom making you late for a tour? Please exhaust all other options before agreeing to room with a stranger.

When will I receive my travel documents?

E-Tickets will be emailed to everyone approximately 21 days before departure. With the e-ticket, you will be able to pull up your reservation using the airline’s website. Please check and double check the spelling of your name. VEI makes every attempt to ensure your name is spelled correctly before it is email to you. However, if you notice your name is spelled wrong, please contact VEI immediately, and the ticket can be corrected by the airline’s group department.

If you arrive at the airport and notice your name is spelled wrong, you will not be allowed to board and VEI will not be able to help you. PLEASE VERIFY YOUR NAME IS SPELLED CORRECTLY and matches your passport as soon as it is issued to you.

When viewing your reservation online, you won't be able to make any changes (including upgrades) because it is a GROUP reservation. If you try to make changes, you will get an error message that you must contact your travel agent. Usually, changes to a group booking are not allowed. You will be allowed to purchase seats with extra leg room – rates depend on the airline and the destination.

How soon should I arrive at the airport?

At least 3 hours BEFORE departure. You will have the best chance to upgrade or change your seat.

I have a passport book and passport card. Which one do I need?

The passport book. Also, the expiration date must be valid for SIX months AFTER your departure date. Also, verify you have a least one blank page in your passport for your trip.

I have medications that I must take with me. Is there a special process?

I recommend putting your medication in your purse or carry-on luggage. You need not make an announcement about prescription medication while going through Security.

When traveling internationally, my job requires that I provide the name of the hotel(s). Do you provide that?

Absolutely! The names of the hotels are always provided on the website and booking page. But in the event the hotel changes, VEI will also provide the new name of the hotel at least 4 weeks before departure.

I prefer a non-smoking room. Is that possible?

VEI will only arrange for non-smoking rooms for everyone. If you arrive to you room and smell smoke, please return to the front desk and ask to speak to guest services. The VEI travel specialist and/or tour guide will also help you to get a new room.

Should I convert money prior to the trip?

This is a personal choice. We advise that you contact your financial institution to discuss options. If you order the appropriate currency for your trip at your bank, you get the best rate and pay the least amount in fees. If you decide to wait until your arrive at your international destination, there are ATMs that can provide the currency for that country.

It is strongly recommended that you download a currency converter APP to your phone. That is the best way to determine how much money you are spending and can help you plan.

What time is check in/check out?

At most hotels, check in begins at 2pm. Check out is 12 noon.

Do I need a credit card to check in at the hotel?

No. With group trips, all taxes and fees are covered in the package price. You will only need to provide a credit card at the front desk if you plan to charge anything to your room such as room service or services obtain in the hotel bar. If you made charges to the room, the hotel staff will use the credit card information on the last day.

Is it mandatory to participate in the tours and excursions?

No. The tours are optional, you may choose to explore on your own. However, choosing not to participate will not change the price of the package or entitle you to a refund.

Will I have time to explore on my own and participate in the tours that are included in the package?

Yes. A day-to-day trip itinerary will be provided 3-4 weeks before departure so you can plan out your leisure time and make the most out of your trip.

Does the travel agent travel with each group?

With every group, either the VEI Travel Agent or one of its Travel Specialist will travel with each group.

Who are your groups for?

Men and women. Children are always welcome, however, the hotels and tours are selected with grown-ups in mind! If you feel your child would enjoy the excursions selected, please inquire about a child rate – 12 and younger. Kids 13 and older pay the adult rate.

What happens if I stop paying or can no longer pay?

VEI understands that everyone signs up with the intention of going on the trip. However, life can happen that alters our ability to continue paying on the trip. With group trips, VEI is allowed to hold blocks of rooms and airline seats with a deposit and future partial payments. VEI can only meet these deadlines if you make the required monthly payments. The vendors (hotel/airline/tour companies) will not allow VEI to continue to hold room/seats if payments are not being made.

After you put down your deposit, you must start making payments 30 days after that. If 60 days pass with no payment received, you will receive a PENDING CANCELLATION notice. If you receive such a notice, you must make a payment within 30 days. It helps if you submit the missed payment(s) to get you back on track.

If 90 days pass with no payment, you will receive a RESERVATION CANCELLED notice. You have about 15 days before your room and seat are released. After 15 days, VEI is unable to reinstate your reservation. If you need additional time, please email us at [email protected] and briefly explain the situation. Sometimes we can allow more time or move your funds to another vacation package, depending on how close we are to the departure date.

The final payment due date is very important. If you do not make the final payment on time, VEI has no choice but to release your seat/room.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions that are provided with EVERY vacation package. Please read them carefully before making your reservation and submitting the deposit.

I checked out your trips and usually the departure city is Washington, DC – IAD. Why is that?

VEI is based out of the Washington, DC area and that is where the majority of our clients live. Sometimes an alternate city will be used because it offers the better non-stop flight options. If you live outside the Washington, DC are you are more than welcomed to join us. We’ve had clients meet us as far away as California and Colorado.

Do you offer business class or first class seats with your packages?

No. With group travel, a block of economy seats are contracted at a group rate and VEI is unable to obtain business or first class seats within that block. If you want to upgrade, you must purchase flights on your own. VEI can provide you with a Land Only rate which will include everything but airfare. If your flight comes in around the same time as the group, you can also benefit from the airport transfers. Please send us an email before booking a Land Only package.

Will I be seated next to my roommate/spouse on the plane?

VEI has no control or input when it comes to seat assignments. When group blocks are purchased, the airline’s ticketing department handles seat assignments and usually assigns the entire group to one area. Part of the contract rate includes NO SEAT ASSIGNMENT. Sometimes you have to pay extra – online – to select a seat. You will be able to change your seat for free when checking in online 24-48 hours prior to departure. More details are provided at the time e-tickets are emailed to you for your particular trip.

How many bags can I take? Is there a baggage fee?

Either one or two free checked bags are allowed. You will find out the exact number at the time you receive you e-ticket. You will also be advised of extra baggage fees.

I am signed up for the Global Entry and qualify for the TSA pre-check. Can my Global Entry information be added to my reservation?

Unfortunately, no. With a group trip, everyone's reservation is the same and I am unable to add anything to an individual reservation. During check-in at the airport, you can inform the Airline representative of your Global Entry status. He/she will provide the appropriate stamps to your boarding pass.

I am traveling with a group of friends, can we get rooms on the same floor or next to each other?

It’s very hard to predict. Although the hotels will attempt to keep the entire VEI group together by using 1-2 floors, room assignments are based on availability so it is not guaranteed that everyone will be on the same floor. If the hotels are full, it is more difficult to get 33 rooms on 1-3 floors. If there are special circumstances such as traveling with teenagers or a family member with a disability, a special request can be made for connecting rooms, but there is NO guarantee.

What is the latest that you can purchase travel insurance?

Depending on the company you use, you may purchase travel insurance up until 48 hours departure, but you would have limited benefits so please contact the travel insurance company and ask plenty of questions about coverage, claims and benefits.

To learn what is covered and its benefits, please contact the travel insurance company of your choice.

VEI recommends TravelEx. 

Visit their website for purchase: 

Although we recommend TravelEx, its best to shop around for the best policy and prices. If you paid for your trip with a credit card, you should also check with you the credit card company to determine if you are covered.

Why do I have to provide my passport for hotel check-in?

For security purposes, hotels in other countries are required to scan your passport. Your passport should be returned to you when you receive your hotel card key.

Will the hotel(s) have WI-FI?

Usually, the hotel has free WI-FI. Instructions on how to connect will be provided at the hotel.

Do I need anything special to plug in my phone charger/hair dryer/shaver, etc?

Yes. If you have multiple devices, I recommend purchasing two adapters, the cost is $5-$10 each. You can google: PLUG ADAPTER for the country you will be visiting. . It is strongly recommended that your purchase one or two of these converters. It is very frustrating to arrive at the hotel and you can’t plug up your cell phone or iPad.

I am handicapped and require a wheelchair when traveling. Can VEI accommodate me?

Usually the answer is NO. VEI advises that everyone should be able to handle a moderate amount of walking at a moderate pace. VEI cannot guarantee that a wheelchair or scooter will be available to you in another country. VEI also cannot guarantee that the group will wait for those that can’t handle a moderate pace of walking during a tour.

For trips to Dubai, a wheelchair can be provided for you. If you are bringing a motorized scooter, please let VEI know BEFORE you complete the booking process. If you need assistance at either airport, you must make the necessary arrangements. VEI will not be responsible setting up airport assistance.

If you have special needs, please email or call us before booking your trip. If your situation changes after booking, please email us immediately so that VEI can advise you of the next step.